Saturday, January 10, 2009

A routine of being detained for nothing..

One of our tasks in Hebron is guiding tours. Today it was not a qiuite exceptional one of 80 bishops from the US. It is not an easy task to squeeze such a number of people in the narrow streets of the old city of Hebron and talk to them at the same time. Somehow we managed.

As the group was to visit the Ibrahimi Mosque that houses the Tomb of the Patrirchs, they had to go through the security check. That is usual, however one lady wanted to give a present to the Muslim Sheikh that was meeting the bishops inside the mosque. The police didn't want to agree (acording to him she could brake the vase and use it as a weapon). Suddenly one of our Palestinian friends was being detained as he was translating for the lady, trying to help. With no reason he was taken to a detention room to be searched. Inside a soldier took some notes and suggested it might be something related to a bomb.
This is a usual thing for the Palestinians unfortunately.
We refused to leave until they released him.

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