Thursday, January 8, 2009

Projects that give hope


In Jenin a city known by the Israeli as the "nest of terrorists" and that faces many army incursions in the refugee camp adjacent to it, there are people that try to focus on the positive aspects. To help develop the society through art and education and give especially the children something to live for and be entertained with.

In front of the central Jenin bus station there is a cinema, everyone knows it ant it is even an orientation point, however it has been closed for 20 years now. This only cinema in the city was closed at the outsets of the first Intifada. The project Cinema Jenin hopes to bring it back to life.
(I especially recommend the trailers!!)

Photo: The director of "The Heart of Jenin" movie and local arquitects working on reopening the cinema

Photo: A boy from Jenin refugee camp holds an old cinema poster. As part of the project children from the refugee camp are having film making workshops and take part in renovating the cinema.

Photo: Old movie projectors that can still be used

Photo: Cinema tickets from 20 years ago. They will be saved to use them as the cinema will reopen in 2010.

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