Sunday, December 7, 2008

Molotov coctails in Susya

On Friday as usually we went to the tent village of Susya. As the night before some of the tents were attacked by the Jewish settlers that tried to put the tents on fire throwing Molotov cocktails (we found remains of five), we were prepared for the worst of the cases. Thus to protect us and the village we took shifts on watch outs all night. Fortunately it was calm and quiet, however the Susyans were prepared for the attack. In the morning we visited the tents affected the night before. An old lady - Sara- lives there. The police never came saying they were too busy with the events in Hebron. The Israeli settlement (also called Susya) lies in a close proximity to the original Susya tent village. The village was destroyed several times by military orders but people always rebuilt their caves and tents.

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