Monday, December 8, 2008

Time to celebrate

A few days ago Hebron was paralyzed by the events related to the evacuation of the Occupied House. That was almost the only thing people in the streets talked about. Today Eid Al-Adha started and the city seems to be calm and quiet. It is one of the most important Muslim festivities that commemorates Abraham challenged by God to kill his son Ishmael and finally according to God's will asked to sacrifice a lamb. This story is common to all three monotheistic religions (although the Bible mentions Izaak instead of Ishmael). So why not celebrate!

People on the streets are relaxed and elegant, shops mostly closed. The tradition is to visit families, and as Palestinian extended families tend to be big and family relations important, some people end up visiting 30 families in one day. Eid Al-Adha is celebrated for a few days and the main dish is, of course, a lamb.

We had a lamb stuffed with rice and nuts at our landlords' and, similarly to Polish Xmas, there is so much food and people are so encouraging to make one eat more and more, that afterwards one can hardly move.

Sahteen! (Bon apetite)

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