Friday, December 5, 2008

Evacuation of the Occupied House

Yesterday the IDF forces did what we all were waiting for - the evacuation of the Beit HaSchalom (House of Peace) as Israelies call it and the Occupied House or Ar-Rajabi House as it is known by the Palestinians. Settler violence in response escalated and many Palestinian families were attacked, housess burned. As a result people were injured and wounded, apparently the settlers used guns, army reacted by shooting teargas and sound granades.

Hovewer this is definitely not finished. Settlers in many sites of West Bank take revenge. We are just heading to Susya, where settlers put fire on a tent village. Additionally tomorrow is Shabbat so settlers have a lot of time and energy to take action.

The frustrating thing yesterday was that the people affected are people we personally know, and the fact that we could not do much for them except calling Red Cross, TIPH, UNOCHA.

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