Thursday, December 4, 2008

When your house is being destroyed...

As we were sitting at Nawwal's (our local contact) shop in the Old Souq and drinking tea, the settlers broke into the Al-Uwiwi family house just next door and turned it upside down. Blocks of concrete, windows, chairs -the whole household- came down from the roof accompanied by a frightening noise. People were scared, children crying. A Palestinian boy started throwing stones up towards the settlers. - Hallas (stop it) -we demanded, knowing it can only make the situation escalate. - This is his house being destroyed. How can you expect him to stop - Nawwal explained.

At the same time 250 settlers were being evacuated from the Occupied House. The Al-Uwiwi family house destruction was one of the many brutal attacks on Palestinians as revenge for the Occupied House evacuation, a house called by Jewish settlers Beit HaShalom (The House of Peace).

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