Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tulkarem and two very special ladies

When I arrived in Tulkarem what stroke me is that it is so different from Hebron. Difficult to explain how.

Anyway, I was so warmly welcomed by my colleagues Susan and Ana and from the very first moment I was made very comfortable. Here I would like to stress how much I admire and appreciate them . Thinking of human rights activists you probably imagine crazy young people. Susan and Ana are at least my parents' age and you can tell that they really enjoy so much being here. I hope in a couple of years I will still have as much hope and strength as they do now.
Thank you!

Photo: Susan and her favourite steps in Tulkarem :)

Photo: Tulkarem Univ. Playing football in the shadow of the Wall.


  1. i agree that it is so different from Hebron.and all the palestinian citys and Difficult to explain how.

  2. I might have to go to Tulkarem pretty which way it is different?