Friday, January 16, 2009

On the road

Today I went to a placement visit - to see what my colleagues from EAPPI do in other locations. I chose Tulkarem because the problems people face here differ completely from the ones in Hebron.

Around noon I took a 'service' (little yellow van - means of public transportation) to Betlehem. In Betlehem, after the bus got full we left to Ramallah and finally in Ramallah I hopped on a 'service' to Tulkarm. As today is Friday most of the shops are closed and there is less traffic on the road.

Photo: Friday prayer in Hebron

We were luckily not stopped for longer at any checkpoint but had to take a longer route as there were some clashes around Qalandia checkpoint close to Ramallah.

There was news on the radio people on the bus were listening to. -There is a demonstration in Ramallah- they tell me. -What are they shouting- I ask. - Unity between Fatah and Hamas! The people of Gaza are precious to us!

I enjoy so much traveling on my own in the West Bank. I admire the views. I can practice my Arabic, observe the people and ask whatever questions might come to my mind. Somehow these little busses create an atmosphere of intimacy and people open up very easily to share their opinions and ideas on any subject. Some of the most interesting conversation I had, were on the bus.

Bust most of all, traveling with a 'service' inspires me a lot. Suddenly my mind is so clear and there are million topics and ideas I want to spread to the world. Maybe it is this feeling of freedom that traveling gives you. This feeling of freedom of movement that, in the bigger picture, has been taken away from the Palestinians.

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