Monday, January 5, 2009

What's new in Gaza?

Well, yesterday Israel entered Gaza by land. So now it is being attacked from the three sides: land, see and air. In front of the Red Cross office in Hebron people gathered today to call for Palestinian unity and protest against the violence in Gaza, especially directed towards children. They had banners and talked to the media. Out of 517 victims, 107 are children. One fifth.

Maan News: Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said on Sunday night that Israel would not allow a humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip claiming that his soldiers distinguish between Palestinian fighters and unarmed civilians. “The army fights resistance fighters and at the same time offers humanitarian aid to the population,” Olmert claimed.
Well the distinguishing does not go to well. A lot of houses were bombed. Gaza is also one of the most densly populated regions in the world, picking a Hamas leader without killing the innocent seems a difficult task, and everyone is aware of that.

Hazem, one of the many Hebronites that has family in Gaza, told me yesterday his father's house was bombed. Fortunately he was not home at the moment, but now he has no house anymore and lives in his relatives house.

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