Thursday, January 1, 2009

Al Arroub Refugee Camp - Part 2: living by hope

In the camp we visited two houses to show our presence, tell the people they are not completely forgotten and listen to their stories.

People we talked to still remember the exodus of 1948 which is referred to by Palestinians as Nakba: the Catastrophe. Although camps have now transformed into cities, mentally refugees' presence there is temporary. They live by hope that they would go back to their homes. They wish to die and be buried there. For some reason they still believe this dream would come true, even though they have been waiting for this to happen for over 60 years now.

Photo: Na'ma, who lived the 1948 exodus explains the young Palestinian second generation refugee how difficult it was.

The two ladies live in the house built in the 1948 by the UN. They live together to support each other. They are indirectly related as the sister of the one on the left was the first wife of the husband of the one on the right:) They were extremely happy that we paid them a visit and very talkative and open to tell us their story, asking us to come back. In these moments I really regret not to be a fluent Arabic speaker...

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