Saturday, December 27, 2008

Israel air strikes on Gaza - eye for an eye?

Today Israel attacked Gaza, in response to Hamas firing more and more Qassam missiles to Israel. 205 people are already dead and more that 320 are severely injured so far. All throughout the West Bank have spread demonstrations against the Israeli attack on Gaza. The one in Hebron escalated as it tends to happen: some youth started throwing stones and Israeli army used teargas and closed the shops in the center of the city (Bab Az-Zawiyya). According to Abed, one of our friends that owns a shop in Bab Az-Zawiyya, the teargas used today was much stronger as people started fainting. Ambulances were going back and forth according to witnesses.

I just came back from my days off in Tel Aviv and it was so difficult to combine and accept the two realities at the same time. After seeing the pictures from Gaza, the simple and maybe naive question comes through my mind: how do the people that make the decision to hit Gaza knowing that mostly the innocent civilians will die are able to sleep at night?

Children and old people died, how can it be justified? It definitely won't teach Hamas a lesson and people will only get angry.

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